Conserving the Water You Use at Home

Are you looking for ways to conserve the water you use at home? You can save money and energy, making your household a lot more eco-friendly, by saving water at home. Check out these water-conservation tips, courtesy of eartheasy, on how to easily save the water you use in your house.

• Don’t dispose of small pieces of trash, facial tissue, or cigarette butts in your toilet. Every time a toilet is used to dispose of this kind of trash, five to seven gallons of water is used. This is a very wasteful habit that can be remedied easily. Dispose of your cigarette butts in an ashtray and your trash in a trash can.

• Check your toilets for leaks regularly. You can do this quickly and easily by using food coloring. Put a small amount of food coloring in your toilet tank, and don’t flush your toilet. You have a leak that needs to be repaired immediately if the food coloring starts to appear in your toilet bowl within 30 minutes.

• You can save water simply by insulating your water pipes at home. You can achieve this with pre-slit foam pipe insulation. This will help you avoid wasting water while waiting for it to heat up by allowing you to get hot water faster.

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