Blog Posts in December, 2012

DIY Plumbing Gone Wrong

HGTV is a great network, however, they’ve inspired a legion of DIYers, some of which who need to simply put down the tools and back away slowly. Let’s face it, there are just some plumbing ...
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Spread Less Germs in the New Year with a Touch-less Faucet

It is a fact that most of the germs we come into contact with are because of surfaces we have touched. But for 2012, if you really want to cut down on the amount of germs spread in your home, consider ...
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Save on Water with a Mini Bathroom Makeover

The room in your home that uses the largest amount of water is not the kitchen, it is actually the bathroom. Across the United States, water utility bills average more than $700 per year according to ...
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The Waterfall Faucet: A Touch of Spa in the Bathroom

A major trend of 2011 that is sure to head into the New Year is the spa bathroom. Now that life is so hectic for many Americans, they need a place to rejuvenate and relax from the day’s ...
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The Ultimate $6000 Toilet

Recently The New York Times published an article review about the Kohler Numi toilet. You may be asking “What’s so special about a toilet?” Well this particular Kohler toilet comes ...
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Tips on Selecting the Right Plumbing Specialist

Rescue Rooter knows how difficult it can be selecting the right plumbing specialist. Many homeowners don’t understand the basics about their plumbing systems. However, by noticing a few simple ...
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5 Types of Water Heater

Many homeowners may be uncertain about how to go about selecting a new water heater for their home. The main objective for choosing a new water heater is that it will provide enough hot water while at ...
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Save Money on Water Heating this Fall and Winter

Did you know that water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home? Well according to US Department of Energy it is. Usually, heating your water accounts for almost 12% of your utility ...
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Tips on Preventing Drain Clogs

he best way to care for your drains is by preventing clogs. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or another area of your home, there are a variety of liquids, materials and such that can go down the ...
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Is the Bidet considered Green?

You may not be aware, but quite a few Americans are jumping on the bidet bandwagon. Not because they are trying to add a bit of European style to their bathrooms, but because the bidet is actually a ...
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3 Truths about Water Shortages

t is true that many of us Americans take our fresh clean water for granted. There are many countries who do not have the luxury of fresh running tap. But there is a growing concern because the issue ...
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Advances in Plumbing: Color On Tap

When it comes to plumbing fixtures, not too many people get too excited about it. But that could change now with this new and colorful advance in plumbing fixtures. LED faucets not only bring ...
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Sink Pipes can add to Bathroom Aesthetics

Pipes. All plumbing fixtures need them, whether internally or externally for your tubs, toilets and sinks. But the fact that they are necessary does not mean they can not complicate or even clash with ...
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Problems with your Spa Plumbing?

Now that the cold weather is here, many people are firing up those jets. Hot tub and Spa jets, that is. For some homeowners it may have been a while since you’ve been in your hot tub, but it is ...
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