No Need to Dig With Sewer Line Video Inspection

Draining problems, gurgling and drain back-ups are indications that there is some type of blockage in the sewer line. If you need to find out if there are any issues going on with your sewer or drain but don’t want to dig up your yard, Rescue Rooter has the perfect solution for you. It is called sewer line video inspection. Sounds high-tech? It is! The plumbers at Rescue Rooter can avoid unsightly digging by using a video sewer inspection to diagnose the cause of a sewer line blockage. Here’s how it’s done: a flexible fiber optic video camera is snaked through your sewer line, in most cases using your clean out access, and your sewer line video inspection can even be recorded. This process allows you and your plumber to review and determine the best way to correct the problem.

There are many causes for sewer line backups, from tree roots to punctured pipes; you have to determine exactly what is causing the backup to know the proper way to go about correcting it.

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