8 Simple Tips For Avoiding Plumbing Leaks

Did you know that even the smallest of leaks can waste up to 5,000 gallons of water per year? However; if you are able to avoid these leaks, then you’ll be able to save water and avoid major plumbing crisis. The following tips will help you prevent leaks:

1. Inspect water pipes and fittings annually.
2. Know where the water shutoff valve is in case a hose or pipe breaks.
3. Check the grout and caulking around toilets.
4. Exercise the angle stop on your main water valve by turning it every four months.
5. Make sure that sump pumps are free of debris.
6. Drain water from the bottom of the water heater until it runs clear to get rid of sediment.
7. Don’t leave the house with the dishwasher or washing machine running.
8. Turn off the water.

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