Cleaning out the Washing Machine Drain Line

Do you need to clean out your washing machine’s drain line? Usually, the drain hose for the washing machine drains into a laundry stand pipe in the wall. If this is how yours is set up, then you need to remove the washing machine hose from the drain and snake or cable it out from the drain pipe in the wall.

It is NOT recommended to cable a drain from the vent piping on the roof for three reasons:

1. It can be very dangerous.

2. It will not clear the trap in the wall.

3. The cable is working at the blockage from a distance farther than you are from the pipe in the wall.

Please do not attempt to snake a drain for the washing machine from the roof yourself. The best way to clean out a washing machine drain line is from a clean out in the wall. Contact a professional plumbing contractor, like your Atlanta area ARS/Rescue Rooter branch in Norcross at (770) 908-8488.

Categories: Drain Maintenance

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