Problem: Warm water running from the cold water tap

A common problem that happens every so often is that you may start receiving warm water from your cold water tap. This particular problem can be caused by a number of things.

  • Possibly the cold water tap is too close to the hot water heater. On occasion the hot water will back up into the cold water line when the hot water heater is heating up. Because of this, hot water will begin to come out of the cold water side of your faucet.
  • The faucet cartridge may have failed. If so, then it is allowing hot water to pass over to the cold side.
  • A failed shower valve is nearby. If so, then it is allowing the same thing as the failed faucet cartridge.
  • The hot and cold water supply lines to the faucet may have mistakenly been crossed over.

All of these issues are no problem for a professional plumber to fix.

Categories: Water

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