The Hard Facts About Water Softeners

There are many cosmetic concerns about the damage caused by hard water, it can lead to dry skin and spotted dishes; however, it can also cause internal damage to your plumbing systems. When hard water is heated and its minerals re- crystallize it forms scales in the pipes that can clog plumbing and water-using appliances.

This internal damage can eventually lead to major plumbing problems, to help you prevent hard water related damage Rescue Rooter recommends installing a water softener.

Salt-based vs. Salt-free water softeners

  • Salt-based water softeners substitute salt for calcium, magnesium and other hard minerals.
    • These water softeners must be regenerated regularly by adding more salt to the water, which can be costly, corrosive to pipes and harmful to the environment.
    • Due to over-salinization of public water, California is considering banning salt-based water softeners.
  • Salt-free water softening systems, which soften water without increasing the salinity of public water, are available.

Additional Water Softener Considerations

  • Have the “hardness” of your water evaluated and buy a system that meets your needs.
  • Purchase a water softening system scaled to the amount of water you use. Check your water bill for details about your usage.
  • If your water is iron rich, make sure the system can remove it.
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