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Let’s be honest, we all try our best to be our house plumber and a lot of times it works! Clogged sinks, clogged toilets, clogged tubs, etc. I’ve found that many times when there’s a plumbing problem in my home I try my best not to call anyone for help. Now, that’s obvious when you’re a certified plumber, but when you’re not you could do more harm than good.

There are times when you can take the situation under your own control without the possibility of doing harm to your system. You should always have three tools in your home for plumbing that will almost never do any harm to your plumbing system. They are as follows:

  • Plunger–The most obvious of plumbing needs that you can use in the kitchen or bathroom (though I recommend having separate ones).
  • Plumbers’ snake–Can’t get that clog with the plunger? You need this!
  • Drain cleaner–There are so many different brands you can use including a homemade sort.