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It is true that many of us Americans take our fresh clean water for granted. There are many countries who do not have the luxury of fresh running tap. But there is a growing concern because the issue of water shortage is coast to coast and country to country problem that is growing everyday. Here are 3 truths about global water shortage featured on The Root that you may not be aware of.

1. Most of the country is expected to face water shortages in the next few years.

Emily Gordon, senior associate in the state and local initiatives department at Green for All, told The Root that, “water is becoming increasingly scarce around the globe as more and more is needed to sustain human development.” Gordon goes on to explain that part of the problem is that only 1 percent of the Earth’s freshwater is easily accessible to [humans]. Emily closes by saying “We expect that 36 states will have water shortages by 2013.”

2. It’s not a rural, “middle of nowhere” issue — cities have water troubles, too.

The issue of global water shortage is not restricted to remote or rural areas that are cut off from municipal systems. The issue deals with water quality. Did you know that contaminated drinking water sickens an estimated 20 million Americans every year? Especially in concrete-heavy urban locales.

3. Our water infrastructure has been neglected for decades

In 2009, a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers noted that some drinking-water systems are more than 100 years old and that the nation needs to spend $11 billion annually to replace treatment and distribution facilities. – The Root.

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