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A frustrating problem every homeowner faces is a clogged kitchen sink. When preparing meals or doing kitchen cleanup it is a vital plumbing fixture that must be used. The first thing you need to do once you realize the sink is clogged is to check the garbage disposal. Many people have a false notion that anything can go down the disposal, but that, of course, is not true. If you have placed foods with fibrous husks or peels down the disposal like potatoes and carrots, this could very well be the cause of the clog. But if the disposal is in fact clogged, here are a few steps you can take to attempt to clear it.

  1. Turn the disposal off at the circuit breaker before you attempt to clear the clog.
  2. Remove any obstacles from the disposal with a pair of long tongs or other devices. NEVER place your fingers inside of the disposal.
  3. Carefully inspect the disposal and turn the power back on.
  4. Run cold water down the disposal and run the disposal to see if the clog is removed.