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Some people think that plumbing is difficult and to tell you the truth it is, but finding ways to get around the extreme difficulty and finding ways to tide you over isn’t. You can’t always find a solution to your problem or have a plumber at your residence right away, so use quick tips to help you until a Rescue Rooter representative comes to your aid.

Here are a few tips for common plumbing problems that you may come across in your home. Most of them are simple, but if you’re not comfortable performing them please feel free to call us at: (678) 436-5353. Let’s get to the tips…

  • Blocked Sinks. If you are using a plunger to unblock a sink, cover up the overflow holes with a damp cloth before plunging. This helps to build up the pressure.
  • Leaky Toilets. Toilet leaking? Well, check to see if the problem is not due to condensation before calling out a plumber. If it turns out you do have condensation problems they can be solved by improving the ventilation when bathing or showering in your bathroom.