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Air conditioning equipment is designed to work steadily to provide home comfort throughout the summer season, but extreme weather, consistent usage, or progressing age can bring your home’s cooling system to an unexpected halt. When your air conditioner suddenly stops working, it’s time to take quick action to address the situation. Knowing how to handle air conditioner emergencies and when you should call your 24-hour AC repair service will reduce discomfort and speed the restoration of your home’s cooling system.

Do Check Your Thermostat and Circuit Breaker

Some air conditioner emergencies are not actually emergencies at all. While the most likely cause of a cooling breakdown is your air conditioner, it’s also important to check for other possible culprits during an unexpected shutdown as well. First, check your thermostat to ensure the temperature setpoint is below the current temperature registering in your home; you should also check that the thermostat is set to cool. If you aren’t sure whether the thermostat is working, try switching the fan position to on from its auto setting—if the fan doesn’t respond, it’s time to dig deeper. Next, check your circuit breaker or fuse box to look for an electrical issue that could be affecting power to your air conditioner. If the circuit is tripped or the fuse is blown, addressing this issue may solve your problem. However, if your air conditioner is receiving power or it continually trips circuits or blows fuses, it’s time to call your 24-hour AC repair service to handle the situation.

Do Inspect Your Air Conditioner

Once you’ve decided to call for AC repair, it’s a good idea to perform a quick visual inspection of your air conditioning unit. If you can spot an obvious problem, letting your 24-hour repair service know the issue when you call can speed up the repair process even more, reducing AC downtime for faster relief from the heat. Identifying issues such as ice on your air conditioning coils or strange, loud noises when your air conditioner attempts to activate can give your repair service a head start on diagnosing the issue so that repairs can begin immediately. However, even if you do think you’ve identified the issue, your AC repair service will always perform a thorough system assessment to ensure any and all issues are addressed during your repair visit.

Don’t Try AC Repair On Your Own

Regardless of the problem affecting your air conditioner, never try to fix the issue yourself. Improper repairs can do more harm than good—repairing your AC yourself will void your system’s warranty and could end up causing more damage than the initial issue alone. Furthermore, it takes time and the right supplies to make AC repairs, which can end up causing you much greater inconvenience and financial loss than if you’d simply called for immediate AC repair. The major benefit of 24-hour AC repair is the fact that you can rely on your cooling service to provide the repairs you need at any time, without the need to wait for business hours to make a call.

When your air conditioner needs immediate attention, we are ready to help with 24-hour AC repair in Atlanta, GA. We understand the importance of home comfort, regardless of the time or date. You can reach an experienced AC repair technician via our website, where you’ll also find more details about our full range of HVAC services, including system maintenance and replacement. We also invite you to scroll through our blog library to discover more information and tips to keep your home cool this year.