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Drain cleaning in Atlanta is one of the most common services performed by Atlanta plumbers. However, many of the causes of a drain cleaning call can be avoided with the right information and preventative measures. Taking steps to keep your drains clear will not only reduce the impact of a drain backup on your daily life, but it will also help to keep your home’s overall plumbing healthier for greater longevity and performance.

Use Your Disposal Properly

Garbage disposals make cleanup after meals much more convenient, but they are also a common cause of drain cleaning service calls. Take some time to learn how to use your disposal properly, such as determining which foods your unit is designed to handle, and which should never be put down the drain. Most disposals can handle soft foods, fruits, and vegetables, but rinds, cores, pits, bones, and corncobs should be thrown away with your solid trash. Additionally, never put cooking grease and fat down your disposal or any other drain—while grease and fat are liquids when hot, they congeal into solids quickly as they cool, partially or even completely blocking your drain and requiring the services of a professional plumber to remove.

Throw Waste in the Trash

Another common cause of drain cleaning calls is the buildup of trash debris inside sink, toilet, and tub drains. While it can be tempting to flush small amounts of waste down a drain or toilet, your drainpipes are extremely narrow and aren’t designed to handle the vast majority of solid waste. Flushed items can become stuck in a drainpipe or sewer line easily, providing a makeshift net that will then catch other debris as it is flushed through the pipe and build a stubborn clog. Rather than risking this situation, it is always best to throw all waste into the trash. To avoid temptation and prevent children or pets from knocking items into toilets, place wastebaskets in every bathroom and keep toilet lids closed when these fixtures are not in use.

Use Preventative Drain Cleaning Solutions

Heading off a building clog can often prevent the need to call in your professional plumber for more extreme drain cleaning measures. As soon as you notice a drain acting slower than usual, try pouring one to two pots of boiling water down the drain. This will loosen most types of organic debris, allowing it to be flushed through the pipe, rather than stay lodged inside and cause a bigger clog. Additionally, you can use an enzymatic drain cleaner once every few weeks to break up any organic materials that may have begun to build up inside your drains. If these measures aren’t effective or you notice a continued reduction in drain performance, contact your Atlanta plumber as soon as possible to handle the situation—clogs will not go away on their own, and will only continue to worsen when left in place. The sooner you call your plumber, the faster the clog can be eliminated for the continued drain performance you expect.

Our Atlanta plumbers are dedicated to helping you manage your home’s plumbing to avoid emergencies and other issues that can cause stress, water waste, and damage to your home. You can visit us on the web or read through our blog to learn more about drain cleaning in Atlanta and how to prevent the most common plumbing problems you are likely to face at home.