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Water is a precious resource that we need to make sure we keep clean and use wisely within our homes. If you have never considered getting a whole-house water purification system, here is why you should really consider it: No chemicals, no salts, and no maintenance required. Rescue Rooter offers a complete range of whole-house water purification systems that use the latest technology to deliver pure and clean water. You want a purification system that is ecologically friendly because they don’t use salt to treat water and they do not require any filter changes or maintenance. Doesn’t that sound convenient?Rescue Rooter’s system choices range from single-stage water filtration systems that improve the taste and smell of your water to complete five-stage systems that provide maximum filtration and condition your water without chemicals to protect your home’s plumbing. Our professionals can also help you choose the best system based on your local water quality, water use, and personal preferences.