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Water heaters provide a major convenience to households but often go unnoticed. Whether it is a conventional storage tank or tankless, water heaters provide warm water for baths, washing dishes and cleaning clothes. And even though homeowners rely on them to perform their jobs daily, water heater maintenance is something that doesn’t often cross homeowners’ minds until it is too late.

To help avoid hot water heater problems, we have created an online resource designed to help homeowners better understand their water heaters and plan for proper maintenance. Two basic steps that can improve overall water heater performance include:

  • Insulating the water heater tank. This can reduce standby heat losses by 25% to 45% – and save homeowners up to 9% in water heating costs.
  • Getting annual check-ups. When performed by professionals who understand water heater problems, this step can help homeowners fix small leaks before they cause major damage, keep the system free of sediment, spot rust, wear and corrosion and ensure that all components are working properly.

Contact your local Rescue Rooter in Atlanta today to schedule your annual inspection or if you have any plumbing questions.