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Recent information has been released that our drinking water at home can contain chemicals (like hexalam chromium) that are hazardous to our health, causing major health problems such as birth defects and cancer. The water that comes from the tap is supposed to be pure and safe for us to drink, but apparently, that is not the case in all homes all over the country.

If you’d like to ensure that the drinking water you have at home is safe, check out these great tips, courtesy of Shine, on how to ensure that your family is drinking safe and healthy water at home.

  • Abstain from purchasing bottled water. It’s advertised as being clean and pure, but unless it states on its label that it has been tested and purified of hexavalant chromium, as well as other contaminants, chances are it’s just as unhealthy and unsafe to drink as the water that comes from the tap.
  • Instead of wasting your money on bottled water, invest in a water purifying filter to install at your sink. There are several different types of filtering systems for you to choose from. Once you find one that is right for your family, install it, and use the filtered water for drinking and cooking.