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Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, believes that it’s a reasonable thing for many homeowners to do in order to keep themselves and their family safe.

Who Should Have Air Ducts Cleaned?

According to the EPA, any homeowner whose air ducts show signs of visible mold, considerable dust or dirt and debris buildup should consider having their air ducts cleaned. In cases of visible mold, waiting too long to have your air ducts cleaned may lead to health problems down the road. Rodent infestations and other problems with vermin should be dealt with and then an air duct cleaning can be helpful to get rid of any germs and bacteria.

What are the Benefits?

Universal Heating and Air Conditioning offers air duct cleaning services to keep you and your family healthy. Mold, dust, dirt and debris buildup in air ducts can lower the air quality in your home and potentially make you sick. If you have allergies, it’s obvious why you wouldn’t want dust in your air ducts and blowing through your home.

Contact Universal Heating and Air Conditioning for more information and for HVAC maintenance in your area.