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Choosing a new air conditioner for your home is the perfect opportunity to purchase a product that will deliver exceptional performance and maximum energy efficiency for long-term comfort and savings. However, not every AC unit is capable of delivering the same performance, even when comparing similar models. Each air conditioner on the market is ranked by several values, which include measures of efficiency, energy consumption, and cooling capacity. Matching the cooling capacity, or size, of your new AC unit to your Atlanta home is the key to maximizing the benefits and returns you’ll receive throughout the lifetime of your new cooling system.

Why AC Sizing Is Important

Air conditioning units are available in varying sizes and capacities, which inform buyers of the total amount of cooling power the unit can produce. When purchasing a new AC unit, it’s important to size the unit correctly for many reasons. An air conditioner that is not sized correctly for your home will struggle to provide the environmental control you want, regardless of whether the unit is too small or too big. A poorly-sized air conditioner will fall short of your cooling and humidity control needs while costing more to run each month than you expect because of poor efficiency. Thus, neither purchasing a smaller AC unit in an attempt to save money on upfront costs nor purchasing an AC unit that is too big in an attempt to achieve better control over your indoor environment will help you reach these goals. Matching the air conditioning system you buy to your home in terms of cooling capacity is the only way to ensure you get exactly the environmental control and the energy savings you want from your new unit.

How AC Sizing Is Performed

The best way to ensure your AC unit is sized properly for your home is to contact your HVAC service prior to purchasing a new system. A heating and cooling expert can easily calculate the capacity your new system will need based on the type of system you want to buy and factors such as the square footage of your home, the number of doors and windows you have, the type of insulation installed in your home, and even the typical expected climate in your area. Residential air conditioning systems are typically sized in “tons” of cooling, which indicate the amount of cooling the system can achieve in one hour. Most residential systems are available in sizes that range from one- to five-ton units, with units available in half-ton increments. Depending on your home and your cooling needs, your HVAC service might recommend installing a single unit or multiple units in tandem to achieve the environmental control you want, since installing a single larger system may not actually meet your needs or help you achieve the greatest energy efficiency possible.

If you’re getting ready for new AC installation in Atlanta, we can help you make sure the unit you choose is exactly right for your needs in terms of size and function. We are pleased to offer free in-home HVAC consultations to assess your home and your cooling requirements prior to purchasing and installing a new cooling system. You can reach an experienced AC technician to get started via our website or take a look through our additional blog articles to learn more about sizing, installing, and maintaining an air conditioner for the very best performance possible.