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Heating and cooling appliances keep your home comfortable and healthy throughout the year, providing the clean air and fine temperature control you want to create the ideal indoor environment. While good maintenance and smart heating and air conditioning practices will help you get greater longevity from your furnace and air conditioner, eventually all HVAC appliances will reach the end of their functional lifetimes and suffer either a major breakdown or a significant loss in efficiency that signals the need for replacement. When it’s time for new HVAC installation in Atlanta, GA, your heating and cooling service can help you make the best decision possible to enjoy the many benefits of selecting exactly the right home comfort solution for your needs.

Take Advantage of In-Home Assessments

Each and every home is slightly different in terms of size, insulation, and heating and cooling needs. Your personal preferences also play a significant role in the determination of the right HVAC system for your lifestyle and your home. Before moving forward with new HVAC installation, you’ll need to select the right system to install; a simple in-home assessment is an invaluable tool that can provide you with the detailed information you need to make an informed and beneficial decision when purchasing new heating and cooling appliances. Taking advantage of your HVAC service’s in-home assessment services and discussing your questions, concerns, and thoughts with your technician during this visit will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right choice when purchasing a new HVAC appliance for installation.

Replace the Entire System

Central heating and cooling systems share several working components, including the air filter and the air handler responsible for circulating air through your home. In most cases, a home’s furnace and air conditioner were installed at the same time and receive the same level of maintenance and service throughout the years. When either your furnace or your air conditioner fails due to age, it means that your entire HVAC system has begun to experience the effects of time and wear. Unless you have recently replaced the remaining appliance within the last five years, it is often beneficial to consider replacing both your HVAC appliances at the same time, even if only one system has begun to experience severe difficulties. This is because your new furnace or air conditioner will work more efficiently when coupled with a partner of the same age and efficiency; coupling a new high-efficiency furnace or air conditioner with an older air handler, filtration, or thermostat system can drastically reduce the expected efficiency and comfort you receive, simply because the newer system cannot function at its best when tied to older, less efficient components.

Are you considering new HVAC installation in Atlanta for a more comfortable, more efficient home? You can find out more about our comprehensive heating and cooling services in your area, including HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement, when you stop by our comprehensive website to check out the products and solutions we offer. We also encourage you to check through our past blog articles for even more tips and information on your home’s heating and cooling system and how to handle emergencies, breakdowns, and the effects of wear and tear.