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Now is a good time to make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer weather. In this article, you’ll learn how you can prepare your air conditioner for a full season of efficient cooling.

Georgia’s mild climate often means that cooling is not needed during the winter. As spring makes way for summer, the changing of the seasons and the rise in temperature this transition brings means it will soon be time to use your air conditioner full-time for home comfort. Late spring is a great time to prepare your air conditioner for the summer months ahead. Keep reading to learn a few simple steps you can take for more efficient cooling this summer in Atlanta, including calling your heating and cooling service for a biannual HVAC tune-up.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter protects your air conditioner and ductwork from dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne particles. Even if you haven’t been using your HVAC system during milder weather, make sure to replace your air filter with a fresh one in anticipation of the summer cooling season. You should replace your air filter every 30-90 days for the best results; allowing a dirty filter to remain in place will add unnecessary stress to your cooling system, leading to a higher likelihood of breakdowns and the need for premature replacement.

Clear Your A/C Drain Line

During the cooling process, your air conditioner produces moisture as it draws heat and humidity out of the air. This moisture is funneled outside your home by a drain line. Particularly in warm, humid climates, this drain line is prone to mold growth, even over the winter. You can start your summer cooling season off on the right foot by clearing your A/C drain pipe to prevent mold from clogging the line, which leads to leaks and backups that could damage your HVAC system and your home. First, pour a cup of white vinegar down the inside drain line access port; this will kill any mold and begin to break it down to prevent clogs. Next, attach the hose of a shop vacuum to the exterior drain port and run the vacuum for about thirty seconds to remove any debris from the line.

Clean the Condenser

The outdoor condenser portion of your air conditioner can be vulnerable to dirt and debris. Clear away any leaves, rocks, and other debris from the area around the condenser with a broom and trim back trees and landscaping to prevent plants from dropping leaves or twigs into the condenser. Wipe down the condenser unit with a damp sponge and address any bent fins with a fin comb, which is designed to straighten the fins back into shape for better airflow and higher cooling efficiency.

Schedule an A/C Tune-Up

Biannual tune-ups keep your heating and cooling system operating at peak efficiency. Your HVAC service technician will clean and check your system for signs of wear or damage, making replacements or repairs as needed to keep your HVAC appliances functioning properly and help them last longer. If you haven’t yet scheduled a tune-up this spring, now is a good time to get it on the calendar. Having your air conditioner inspected and cleaned before the summer heat sets in will ensure your air conditioning system is ready to deliver the efficiency you expect throughout the cooling season.

Whether you need to schedule repairs, replacement, or your HVAC system’s bi-annual tune-up, our heating and cooling experts in Atlanta are ready to provide the service you need for a more comfortable home. We invite you to explore our comprehensive website to learn more about our heating and cooling services; you can also check out our blog for more heating, cooling, and energy usage tips.