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Heating and cooling your home efficiently offers many benefits. When your HVAC system is operating at peak capacity, it will produce the results you want with less work, saving money and preventing breakdowns or premature replacement. Your Atlanta heating and cooling service can help you assess your home’s HVAC system and your indoor comfort needs to ensure you are heating and cooling your home as efficiently as possible, all year long.

Take Advantage of Humidity Removal

Dry air naturally holds less heat than humid air. Thus, keeping your home’s humidity levels low can help you feel more comfortable indoors during warmer months, while also protecting your home and your belongings from the effects of excess moisture. Even on mild days when you may be tempted to open your windows overnight, consider the outdoor humidity levels before shutting off your cooling system. Although it may seem like you are saving energy by turning off the AC overnight, increasing indoor humidity by opening your windows can actually cause this system to work harder during the day to lower both the temperature and humidity inside your home. Turning your thermostat higher but allowing your air conditioner to maintain a cool, dry environment indoors is a better use of energy and will create a more stable and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Augment Heating with Sunlight

Atlanta is known for its frequent sunny days and mild winter temperatures. You can reduce the heating load placed on your HVAC system by taking advantage of solar heating, which occurs when the sun shines through your windows and naturally heats the air of your home. Although you may want to block out sunlight during the summer to keep your home cool, consider opening your shades during the day when the temperature outside is low to let the sun inside. Trimming trees back during the winter and allowing them to flourish during the summer can also let more or less sunlight into your home, keeping the air at a more comfortable temperature and allowing you to ask less of your heating or cooling system.

Get to Know Your HVAC System

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Getting to know the system your home uses and how to get the most from it will reduce your energy consumption while improving indoor comfort, regardless of the temperature outside. When your heating and cooling service performs tune-ups, ask questions about the state of your system and whether you should perform any specific tasks between service visits. Changing your air filter and keeping your air registers clean can go a long way toward improving airflow and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system to prevent problems and extend appliance longevity.

Heating and cooling Atlanta service is here to help you understand and improve your home’s comfort levels, regardless of the HVAC system you have installed. You can reach us to find out more about maintaining a comfortable home when you click through our website or take a look at our other blog topics to learn more about home heating, cooling, and comfort.