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Do you have any clogged sink drains that you just can’t seem to repair? Wondering how you can fix a clogged sink drain? Check out these great tips, courtesy of, on how to unstop a blocked drain.

  • First, determine whether the sink drain is completely clogged or just a little sluggish. If it’s just sluggish, turn on the hot water tap. Let it run for around five to ten minutes. This should clear the drain.
  • If the drain is still clogged, use an eco-friendly chemical drain opener to remedy the clog. You can find these kinds of cleaners in a variety of forms (most will contain caustic soda with bauxite). Follow the instructions on the cleaner’s label when using this product.
  • When you’re finished using a chemical drain cleaner to unstop your sink drain, run the hot water tap for a minimum of ten minutes to flush the cleaner out of the drain pipes.

If you’re clogged drain problem persists, you might need professional assistance. Contact us, and we’ll help you remedy that stubbornly clogged drain by examining the drain, assessing exactly what caused the clog, and fixing it for you quickly and efficiently.