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This post is going to go in a different direction, though it still has to do with water it’s not about plumbing per se. So here goes…

I enjoy being able to go downstairs while at work and have instant hot water for my morning tea; there’s no boiling water or putting a mug in the microwave just straight scorching water coming out of the coffee machine. I hope you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this small delight in life whether it be a daily routine or on occasion at a gas station. How would you feel about having a device like this in your home?

I, personally, would thoroughly enjoy it and would definitely utilize it just about everyday! Because not only can you use it for tea, but for soups, oatmeals and even cleaning your home. Well, this is definitely an option for your home and Rescue Rooter can make it happen.

It’s a mini electric water heater hooked to a single faucet with a small tank under your sink. The tank heats and holds hot water for instant access–all you do is turn on the sink-top spout that sits right alongside your main kitchen sink faucet and voila!