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Clean Water Atlanta is a long term – comprehensive program that has been established by the City of Atlanta to ensure clean water for the next generation. The goal of Clean Water Atlanta is to create the cleanest urban streams and rivers in the country within a decade. The program’s goal is to improve water quality in Atlanta through capital construction programs and enhanced operation of the City’s drinking and wastewater systems.

At Rescue Rooter we to are also dedicated to keeping the water in your house safe and healthy. Clean, safe water is essential to your family’s health as well as the health of your home’s plumbing.

Rescue Rooter recommends keeping your drinking water safe by installing a water filtration and purification system in your home to remove contaminants in your home’s water that can cause unpleasant odors or taste and leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. Plus the materials in the water can lead to health problems for your family.

Pure water filters and purification systems can solve these problems – providing your family with safe, great-tasting and odor-free water that won’t damage your pipes or appliances. Schedule an appoint with Rescue Rooter online plumbing today to find out more about our water purifier options and installation.