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Looking for ways to prevent water leaks in your home? Working to prevent water leaks at home can help you save a lot of money on water use and can also help you conserve water, making your home a more eco-friendly one. Check out these great tips, courtesy of The Money Pit, on how to easily prevent water leaks and damage from those leaks in your home.

  • You might notice water leaks in your home in the form of streaks below windows and peeling paint. You should check the caulking around the exteriors of your doors and windows, and if needed, replace it. Repair the flashing around your windows, and replace any damaged drywall, siding, or wood you find.
  • You can prevent water leaks through your exterior walls by ensuring that these walls are sealed and well-painted. You should seal any leaks or cracks you find around vents and pipes in the exterior walls.
  • Make sure your downspouts and gutters are clean and stable. This will help you ensure that they drain water properly and don’t turn into flying debris in high wind. Your downspouts should slope away from your house and take water at least five feet away from your home’s foundation; this will help prevent water from leaking into your basement.