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It’s a stinky situation, but it has to be addressed–toilet repairs. Though they often stay behind closed doors, toilets are essential in our daily lives and keeping them clean and functional is important. So, identifying problems is necessary to maintaining a properly working toilet.

A leaky toilet is the most common cause of high water bills and we know you don’t like high water bills. Following simple maintenance steps can solve and prevent leaky problems. Read over the checklist below for proper techniques on maintaining a correctly functioning toilet:

  • Get some food dye and add about 20 drops into the toilet tank of your toilet bowl. Don’t flush or use your toilet bowl for at least 30 minutes and check if any color appears in your toilet bowl. If it does, you have a leaking toilet bowl and will need to repair it to prevent any further leakage.
  • The second step you can take is to get a reading from your water meter and stop using water for a few hours. Take a reading again and see if the water meter still runs. If you find the numbers increasing, you have a leak in your plumbing system.