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There are two drains in your house that get the most abuse, the kitchen sink and the garbage disposal and next to those two is the tub drain. And it makes sense, we put hair, hair care products and the occasional bar of soap through it. So, what do you do when it gets clogged?

You unclog it, of course! But, there’s something that most tubs have that make this problem a bit tougher to solve than say, a sink drain. Tubs have overflows that prevent the tub from, you guessed it, overflowing. How do you get past this apparatus that at any other time would be a lifesaver? With what else, but duct tape!

Cover and seal the overflow with duct tape to prevent the tub’s overflow drain from creating a vacuum and pressure leak in the plumbing drain system. Once you’ve covered the overflow completely including all the edges, start plunging!

First, remove the tub drain stopper and turn the hot water on until there is about 1” to 2” of water in the tub bottom. Next, place the plunger over the drain, quickly press the plunger down and pull up 9 to 10 times. Lift the plunger to allow the clog debris to rise and remove any clumps of hair or other things that have come up. Repeat as necessary.