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With spring finally here, this is the time to make those plumbing makeovers! Yes, Rescue Rooter is here for all your plumbing repair needs, but we do so much more! We can also renovate and upgrade your plumbing systems to save you money and time and spring is the time to do it!

When it comes to plumbing there are several ways to upgrade your system mainly by replacing your pipes. If your house was built in the 70s or prior to, you may want to pay special attention to the following. The plumbing in many homes built before 1970 used galvanized iron pipes (iron coated with zinc). What’s the problem? Zinc coating slowly wears off, leaving you with an iron pipe—a pipe that rusts and corrodes.

If this problem arises in your home be sure to call a Rescue Rooter plumbing professional so that we can replace your pipes with copper or PVC. You’ll notice an immediate change in your system–stronger showers, cleaner drinking water, and more efficient appliances.

Rescue Rooter is ready whenever you are!