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How will you know when your furnace needs the attention of a trained heating professional? There are a number of signals your heating system may send out when it’s in trouble. Learning to read these signs and take quick action will minimize the need for repairs and help you to save money on your heating bills.

Loud Sounds

Over time, you’ll get used to the sounds your furnace makes. While it is not abnormal for your furnace to make some noise while it works, if you hear loud or disruptive sounds every time the heat turns on, there could be a problem with your heating system. Banging, clanging, hissing, whining, and popping are all sounds that indicate trouble inside your furnace. These sounds could mean anything from a dirty heating assembly to a worn or broken belt. Contact a heating repair service promptly if you notice sounds coming from your furnace that concern you.

Constant Function

A furnace that is not functioning efficiently will turn on frequently and stay on longer because it must work harder to heat the air of your home. If your furnace seems to be on more often than it is off or if you notice the system struggling to turn on and stay on, it’s time to have your unit assessed by a heating technician. In many cases, this type of problem can be solved by cleaning your furnace, replacing your furnace filter, or upgrading your thermostat for more efficient heating.

High Heating Bills

Heating costs that suddenly skyrocket are a sure sign of heating issues in your Atlanta home. Compare each month’s bill with the same month a year ago to get the best estimate of what heating should cost. Remember that there may be month-to-month or even year-to-year fluctuations in cost due to temperature changes. However, sudden large increases in your utility costs almost always signal the need for attention.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you notice a change in the air quality inside your home, it could be due to furnace troubles. A poorly-functioning furnace can circulate dust, mold, pollen, and other debris through your home, causing a higher incidence of allergies and asthma. The recurrence of dust on surfaces in your home that have recently been cleaned could also be a sign that your furnace or furnace filter is dirty. Condensation on the inside of your windows or indoor air that is extremely dry and irritating may also indicate that your furnace isn’t functioning as it should.

Knowing the signals your furnace might send when it needs attention can prevent disruptions in heating your home this winter. We invite you to visit us online to find more information about furnace repairs and replacement in Atlanta, Norcross, and Marietta. Our HVAC technicians are standing by to provide free service calls with any repair—check out our website to learn more!