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A new thermostat is a step toward greater comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. Take a look through this article to find out some of the biggest benefits of installing a new thermostat in your home.

Your thermostat acts as the brain of your heating and cooling system, telling your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump when changes in temperature are needed. When your thermostat is old or outdated, it may not be communicating your home’s heating and cooling needs to your HVAC system efficiently, costing you in terms of comfort and energy usage. Installing a new thermostat is like giving your heating and cooling system a new lease on life, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort, flexibility, and energy efficiency in your Marietta home.

Improved Comfort

One of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy after replacing your old thermostat with a new model is improved indoor comfort. Because you rely on your thermostat to regulate indoor temperature and air quality, a more sensitive and efficient thermostat will translate more directly into the indoor environment that you want. Furthermore, programmable and learning thermostats allow you to create temperature programs based on your specific needs, such as reduced heating and cooling while you are away or asleep. These systems will tailor your HVAC usage to achieve the temperature you want when you want it so you won’t have to interrupt your daily activities or make an extra effort to adjust your thermostat manually. If your home employs additional air quality systems, such as a humidifier or air filtration system, a newer thermostat can integrate these features into a single control center together with your heating and cooling. This allows you to more easily control your home’s air quality from one location. Many newer thermostats will also alert you when your furnace filter needs to be changed, helping you to maintain more consistent indoor air quality and airflow through your HVAC system.

Lower Energy Costs

Another key benefit of upgrading your thermostat is home energy savings. The more efficiently you use your HVAC system, the lower your energy consumption will be and the less you’ll pay in utilities each month. Programmable thermostats make saving energy easy by allowing you to develop a heating and cooling program tailored to your activities — using a programmable thermostat to reduce HVAC system usage can save you up to 15% on your annual heating and cooling bills. Taking this concept one step farther, a smart learning thermostat will take your home’s heating and cooling needs into account and develop the most efficient program to achieve your goals, without the need for you to make any of these calculations or changes yourself. Additionally, features such as wireless connectivity allow you to access your thermostat and change your home’s temperature even when you aren’t there, so you won’t have to worry if you forgot to shut off your HVAC system before leaving home.

Replacing your thermostat is a simple HVAC upgrade that can help you lower your heating and cooling bills for greater comfort and energy savings throughout the year. Please visit us on the web to explore our full range of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions throughout Marietta, Alpharetta, and Atlanta, GA, including duct cleaning, air purification systems, and new thermostat installation. Don’t forget to click through our blog for even more heating and cooling information, facts, and tips.