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Tired of dealing with clogged drains that are difficult to repair? Wondering how you can prevent those drain clogs from ever happening? According to, this is possible to do, believe it or not. Check out a few of their helpful clog-preventing tips here.

  • When you’re finished cooking, pour cooking grease into a used can. Store it, and save it to use when you’re cooking again later. Do not pour cooking grease down your kitchen sink drain. Cooking grease aids in causing drain clogs.
  • Flush out your garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. Your disposal can easily become clogged if you don’t run enough water every time you use it. Turn on the cold water tap, and let it run for several minutes in order to flush out food particles and move them through your pipes.
  • Each month (or each week, if you’d like to do so more frequently), boil a tea kettle filled with water, and pour the boiled water down each sink in your home. You should use one kettle of water per sink. This will help to remove soap and grease, preventing them from causing possible clogs.