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Here are the 3 top ranked costliest homeowners insurance claims according to Insurance adjusters and ways you can avoid these preventable problems.

1. Burst washing machine hose.

Your plastic or rubber washing machine hoses will eventually leak or even burst. Because this damage usually occurs in low-traffic areas of the home like the laundry room, it can go unnoticed for a long time so the damage is often extensive and expensive.

To prevent this problem: Replace your plastic hoses at least every three years, plus, make sure you frequently check them for leaks.

2. Slow leaks around tub/shower grout and edges.

Since the grout and caulking around your tub/shower decay over time, cracks can develop and little by little water will seep into walls and floors causing tub and shower pans to corrode or sink from softening wood supports.

To prevent this problem: Secure your shower doors and make sure your curtains are tightly closed. Check cracks and repair seals.

3. Toilet seal leaks.

If your toilets seal becomes worn, or it was installed incorrectly, your toilet will begin to wobble. Not only is this a costly repair but a health issue since this can cause wastes to leak into your home.

To prevent this problem: Do a periodic check of the base of the toilet for water. If you see any leaks, have it repaired immediately.