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Maintaining good indoor air quality in your home is important for your comfort and your health. Check out this article to learn more about how UV light air purifiers work.

Indoor air quality plays a vital role in your comfort and health at home. There are several mechanical solutions to help you achieve cleaner air, ranging from your furnace filter to additional equipment that can be installed as part of your heating and cooling system to take air purification to the next level. UV air cleaners use ultraviolet light to ensure the air that circulates through your home is free of bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. These effective air quality systems are available for residential homes, delivering performance similar to that of air purification systems found in professional settings such as research facilities and healthcare centers.

UV Air Purification Basics

Ultraviolet light contains more energy than the visible light you see with your eyes. This light is naturally harmful to microorganisms such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria, which are a significant contributor to poor respiratory and overall health. In the natural environment, UV light from the sun has a purification effect on the air, reducing the amount of microorganisms present. UV light purification systems bring this benefit inside your home using a small UV-emitting lamp, which is inserted into the ductwork above your central heating and cooling system. As air flows past this lamp, the microorganisms that are carried with it are destroyed or neutralized, thus purifying the air before it is distributed to the rest of your home via your ducts.

UV Air Purification Benefits

The key benefit of UV air purification systems is the production of cleaner, healthier air for your family. Your UV air purification system will work 24/7 whenever you use your furnace or air conditioner to clean your indoor air and create a beneficial environment for greater comfort and health inside your home. UV air purification systems don’t use fans or other moving parts, nor do they produce ozone or use filters that require replacement. While you will need to replace the UV light periodically, a typical light will last just over a year with continuous use, unlike filters and other media, which must typically be replaced every few months. Furthermore, UV light purification systems have benefits beyond simply cleaning your indoor air. These systems also bathe your air conditioner coils with UV light, keeping them free of mold and bacteria growth, which can affect their function and lead to poor cooling efficiency and more frequent breakdowns over time. Because your UV light purification system will eliminate many airborne pathogens before they reach your ducts, you’ll also enjoy cleaner ductwork and an overall cleaner home, reducing the amount of time you’ll have to spend dusting or the frequency with which you need to schedule professional air duct cleaning services.

A UV air purification system is truly a whole-home solution for cleaner indoor air. Our heating and cooling professionals serving the Atlanta area are pleased to offer a variety of indoor air solutions, including duct cleaning, air purification systems, and whole-home humidifiers or dehumidifiers. We invite you to check out our website and our blog for more information and tips you can use to maintain a comfortable home in Georgia.