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There are many ways for water to make its way into your home. Leaks, broken or damaged pipes, clogged drains, and natural disasters can all lead to excess water and flooding within the home. And with water comes its friends (and our enemies): fungus and mold.

Sponge-like materials have an amazing capacity to hold water. This includes carpet, furniture, drywall, and wood. Mold and fungus can grow in these moist places in just a matter of days. If you or anyone in your household has allergies or asthma, you’re in for a rough ride. Here are a couple of ways to prevent the growth of mold and fungus in your home if water seems to be an issue.

  • Wet materials in your home, including those mentioned above, should be dried quickly.
  • Allow the home to air out by opening windows (if it’s not raining).

But the key is to tackle water problems first, that way mold doesn’t become an issue.