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As you know, clogs can be a pain to fix in any home no matter what the clog may be. Toilet, sink, even garbage disposals get clogged from time to time. But, if you’re having problems with the speed at which your water is coming out of the showerhead, it’s actually one of the easier clogs to handle!

Because not being able to wash the conditioner out of your hair is getting old really fast, huh? You can fix the streaming problem with or without removing the shower and I’m sure you’d prefer without–the easier the better, right? Four simple steps and you can have the pressure you had years ago.

  • First, figure out the width of the shower head. You’ll need a container slightly bigger than the head and about 4 inches tall.
  • Wipe the shower head down with a white vinegar soaked cloth.
  • Check the holes in the shower head for any calcium build-up. If you find any use a toothpick or needle to push through it.
  • Fill the container with warm white vinegar and insert the head of the shower into the container. Wait about 2 minutes, remove the container and turn on the shower. If the pressure is still weak, repeat step four.