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Garbage disposal not turning on? First, take safety into account when checking your disposal. NEVER put your hand down the drain into the disposal. Now, if your garbage disposal will not turn on, more than likely, there is an electrical problem. Here are a few things you should check:

  • Simply make sure the disposal unit is plugged in.
  • Press the reset button that is found on the bottom of the unit. The button will be popped out if it has reset.
  • If still not working, check the circuit breaker, it may have tripped and shut off.

If these three steps do not get your garbage disposal working, that means the only way to fix the disposal is to take it apart. Most garbage disposals will come apart so that you can get to the blades and the rotating plate. If taking it apart and removing whatever is clogging it doesn’t work, most likely you will need a new garbage disposal.