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Air conditioning removes heat and humidity from the air of your home to create a comfortable space for you and your family. Today, there are many different kinds of air conditioning systems available to cool your Atlanta home, regardless of its size and age. If you’re experiencing a drop in air conditioning efficiency or need to replace an old air conditioner that has reached the end of its functional lifetime, it’s beneficial to take some time to consider all of your air conditioning options. Your HVAC service in Atlanta, GA, can help you explore all possible avenues to make the decision that best fits your home and your needs.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is a common system found in many newer and larger homes. This type of system includes separate indoor and outdoor units, which typically share an air handler with a heating system. Central air conditioning requires internal ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout your home; although you can add ductwork to your home, it can be an extensive and expensive operation if your home is large or has limitations that affect the placement of ducts. Thus, central air conditioning systems are typically best for homes and buildings that were originally built with ductwork for heating and cooling in place.

Room Air Conditioners

If your home doesn’t have central ductwork, there are still many options available to keep your living spaces cool and comfortable. Room air conditioners are small window-mounted or portable units with the capacity to cool a single room. These air conditioners work well in apartments and smaller homes, thanks to their small capacity and physical profile. Room air conditioners must be placed in every room to be cooled, which means you will likely need more than one unit to cool your home. If you don’t need to cool a large number of rooms, these systems can help you save money and energy by allowing you to control the cooling only in spaces where it is needed.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

A single ductless mini-split system can provide air conditioning for several rooms at once, even without existing ductwork. Mini-split systems act like miniature central air conditioners, incorporating an indoor and outdoor component. These components are connected by a series of cables, which typically require an opening of a few inches in the exterior of your home. Cabling can be run to several wall- or ceiling-mounted air conditioners, each of which is controlled individually to cool a single room or space. Thus, ductless mini-split systems bridge the gap between central air conditioners and room air conditioners, providing convenient and efficient cooling without the need for ductwork.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems can deliver both heating and air conditioning via a single unit. These systems perform heat exchange with either the air or the ground outside your home to offer highly-efficient heating and cooling. Heat pumps are available as central systems, single room systems, and ductless systems, making them an extremely versatile solution, depending on your home comfort needs. Although heat pumps cost more than most other types of air conditioning systems, they can provide long-term savings that are greater than conventional air conditioners.

Do you have questions about air conditioning in Atlanta, GA? Our website features helpful information about our heating and cooling services and products to get you started on the path to a comfortable and energy-efficient home. You can also find additional tips and advice about heating and air conditioning when you click through our online blog archives.

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