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When the weather turns cooler during the winter, you rely on your Atlanta home’s heating system for comfort. While a well-maintained heating system should serve you well all winter, it’s also important to know when your heating system requires professional service. Addressing problems as soon as you notice them can help you achieve a more efficient and healthy home during the winter season, which will improve daily convenience and help to lower the costs associated with heating your home in Atlanta.

Your Home Is Too Cold

The main purpose of a heating system is to warm the air inside your home when the outdoor temperature is too low for comfort. Thus, any time your heating system is not meeting this need, it’s time to call a professional heating service for assistance. There are many causes of poor heating performance and heating system failure, ranging from dirt and dust accumulation to wear and tear that have caused damage to one or several parts of the system. Heating systems have several components that must all work together to produce even, effective heat—a professional diagnostic is the fastest and easiest way to determine the cause of your heating problem and address it, whether the issue lies with the heating system itself or the thermostat that controls it. Most heating service calls can be resolved in a single day, with repairs or cleaning requiring just a short period of time. The sooner you call your Atlanta heating service, the faster they’ll be able to reach you to evaluate your needs and make any necessary repairs; furthermore, the earlier heating issues are addressed, the easier they will be to fix, often at a much lower cost.

Your Home Is Too Dry

Your heating service is also equipped to help you achieve the right balance of home comfort in terms of temperature, humidity, and air quality. During the winter, naturally drier air can be exacerbated further during the heating process, leading to extremely dry air inside your home that can cause discomfort for your family and damage your possessions or some of your home’s finishes. If you are having trouble with dry air in your home, calling in a heating service technician can help you solve the problem for improved comfort. In some cases, all that’s needed is an adjustment of your heating system to improve the air quality inside your home. If dry air is a significant problem, adding a whole-home humidifier that runs concurrently with your furnace during the winter can help to ensure your home remains at the right humidity levels during the heating season for greater comfort and even energy savings.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive cooling and heating service throughout Atlanta, including repair, replacement, and maintenance for heat pumps and furnaces. Our heating service technicians are available to respond to service calls quickly to restore efficient heating for your home. You can find out more when you visit our website or take a look at our blog for more home comfort tips, news, and updates.