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The kitchen garbage disposal is possible one of the handiest kitchen appliances. Hidden away under the sink, we don’t =normally think about how important it is to our everyday routines. So what do you do when it begins to make funny noises? Don’t just run out an replace it, we have put together a guide to help you troubleshoot garbage disposal problems by listening to the noise it is making.

Loud Clatter

A loud clattering can mean that a hard object like a spoon what dropped down the sink. You can retrieve it, but it’s very important that you turn off the power to the unit first! Check the owner’s manual to learn how to turn off the disposal and remove the object from the drain.

If you have removed the object(s) and the disposal is still making noise then it may require professional service or replacement.

Humming Noise

A humming noise usually means the masher is jammed, which means the motor is trying to turn the unit, but it’s stuck, usually due to a foreign object or vegetable residue.

This will also require that you turn off the electricity to the disposal, and then you’ll need to locate a special hex wrench that came with your disposal (six-sided metal tool bent in an “L” shape). Insert the hex into the matching hole and give it a few turns. When you can turn the inner workings with the hex wrench, restore the electricity and test the unit. If it works momentarily then jams again, repeat this procedure. If it doesn’t work and still hums, even though you can turn the unit with the wrench, the unit may need professional service or replacement.

What if it makes no noise?

If the disposal is silent when you turn it on, it could be an electrical problem. To troubleshoot, first make sure the unit is plugged in. Then find the red reset button on the underside of the disposal. Hold the reset button until it jams. Try again to turn the disposal switch to test the garbage disposal.